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Johnstone Supply is the leading cooperative wholesale distributor providing brand name products, expert technical knowledge and superior customer service to the HVACR industry. With almost 400 locally owned and operated stores nationwide, supported by five regional distribution centers, we can provide the parts, supplies and equipment you need quickly and efficiently to get the job done. Did I mention we sell lots of air conditioners and furnaces?

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  1. Avoiding Cross-Connection Contamination - This course will cover the principals of b
  2. Building Science & Ventilation for HVAC Techs - This program focuses on the interactions b
  3. Daikin Ductless Training - Products & Applications Dealer Trainin
  4. EPA Certification & Test Session - Get EPA Certified Today! We are offering
  5. Fire & Electrical Safety - This class is designed to guide you throug
  6. Following the Mechanical Code - Receive 2 Mechanical Code CEU's in our Mec
  7. Green Supplement to the Uniform Plumbing Code - This course will use IAPMO Green Plumbing
  8. Heat Pump Fundamentals - This course will be an introductory cours
  9. Hydronic & Solar Htg Systems - This course will walk you through the prin
  10. Jobsite Safety - This course is going to help an individual
  11. Motors & Transformers - This course will cover the "magneto electr
  12. Nebraska 12-Hour Electrical Course - Don't miss our on this opportunity to ache
  13. Nonpotable Water Reuse Systems - This course will be an introduction to Non
  14. OSHA Safety Training - Take any of the following and receive 2
  15. Plumbing for Mobile Homes & Travel Trailers - This will be an introduction to plumbing s
  16. Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas - This course will be a basic understanding
  17. Practical Refrigerant Retrofitting - This course will cover the various aspects
  18. Pump Down, Recovery & Vacuum Service Training - This course will show you the various tech
  19. Residential Duct Design - Made Easy - Duct design does not have to be difficult!
  20. Servicing an Air Conditioner - This course will cover the dynamics of the
  21. Servicing Gas Heat Equipment - This course will cover the dynamics of the
  22. What's New in the Uniform Plumbing Code - This course will walk you through many of

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